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Silicon Germanium hybrid fuzz pedal built in USA Yellowcake your mom

Yellowcake Your Mom hybrid fuzz pedal  ·  Source:

Silicon Germanium hybrid fuzz pedal built in USA Yellowcake your mom

Check out the PCB layout. Nice touch!  ·  Source:


Yellowcake make pedals the old fashioned way, by hand. Hailing from the good ol’ US of A, their new germanium/silicon fuzz has a name based around an insult concerning someone’s maternal parent – and that in itself is reason for me to mention it.


As everyone that reads my articles will know by now, I love me some fuzz. The stupider the name, the better, and the ‘Your Mom’ is up there in the heady heights of pre-pubescent playground humour. So how could I resist?

It’s based germanium and silicon fuzz circuitry. Germanium is traditionally thought of as more ‘60s and smooth, whereas silicon fuzz tends to be referred to as 70’s and more aggressive. I have yet to hear the pedal so cannot actually comment on its sound yet. This pedal is sold as a hybrid of the two, and I’m not sure how that will actually turn out.

The pedal has four simple controls Volume, Fuzz, Input and Bias. The first three are self explanatory, but if you haven’t come across Bias before it usually refers to starving the circuit of some power and I believe this is exactly what Yellowcake are claiming in their blurb. The classic ZVex Fuzz Factory uses this feature to great affect and so I am guessing that is what to expect: spluttery fuzz that breaks up when the Bias control is cranked up.

The pedal is in a small, neat enclosure with nicely laid out graphics. The Your Mom fuzz can be powered by a good old 9-Volt battery (usually the best way with most old fuzz type pedals) and as it only draws 4mA of current, a battery should last ages. You could also use an external power supply rated at 9V with a negative tip.


I particularly like the internal PCB layout and its attention to detail… snigger.

RRP USD $185 available March


Yellowcake Facebook page

Silicon Germanium hybrid fuzz pedal built in USA Yellowcake your mom

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    Your Mom is so fat…

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