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Yamaha Peter Hook Signature BB bass

Yamaha Peter Hook Signature BB bass  ·  Source: Yamaha

Fans of Mr Peter Hook’s legendary bass lines and sound have something to look forward to: Yamaha has just unveiled a Peter Hook Signature BB bass! If you’re a fan of Hooky and his work with Joy Division or New Order, you’ll find this model enticing. After all, Mr Hook has played some legendary bass lines over the years! 

Yamaha Peter Hook Signature BB

I was so happy when I saw that Yamaha and Peter Hook had worked on a signature version of his beloved Yamaha BB bass. It isn’t exactly an easy model to find and the originals are quite sought after by fans. Hook first used the BB600 version, before finding his favourite model, the BB1200S. Nowadays, he apparently owns 7 of them. And the Yamaha Peter Hook Signature BB model sure looks good!

Yamaha Peter Hook Signature BB bass

Yamaha Peter Hook Signature BB bass

Peter Hook and The Light

The signature model combines bits of both designs from the BB1200S and the BB734A models he currently plays on tour with Peter Hook and The Light. They come with a red-finished three-piece alder/maple/alder body, a bolt-on maple/mahogany five-piece neck and a 21-fret fingerboard. The headstock has Hook’s signature with the writing “Manchester, England!” and it is finished in the same red as the main body of the bass and the neck is bolted on with 6 bolts.

Peter Hook's signature

Peter Hook’s signature

Active EQ

Each bass has a a single VSP7n split single-coil pickup with a true active/passive preamp for a little extra punch, the controls include a single master volume knob and a three-band EQ. Whilst in active mode you can use all three bands of the EQ, when in passive mode, the EQ’s treble knob acts as a master tone instead.

Limited Edition and a budget version

So immediately the question is: Will this be a limited release or will it be available in larger numbers at a lower price? The bass is available now for pre-order at Thomann, for €999 or GBP 919, which is substantially lower than the $2,000 price suggested on Yamaha’s US site. In my book, Hooky is a legend. I feel it’s a fine day when Mr Hook gets recognised for all his great work over the years. To see this new model is nothing short of brilliant. And a cheaper model available for his legions of fans is a good move, too.

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Update: We’ve amended this post with information about pricing and availability. A previous version speculated about the availability of two versions at different price points. We’ve since found out that only one version is to be offered.

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    Can I play it too, or do I just wear it around my neck while my son plays?

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