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Xotic Effects AC/RC-OZ AC/RC-OZ

Xotic Effects AC/RC-OZ  ·  Source: Xotic Effects AC/RC-OZ

Oz Noy is a jazz and fusion guitarist from Israel. Together with Xotic Effects, he has developed the AC/RC-OZ pedal, which is a combination of two old acquaintances in one housing – with a few slight changes.


This combination of effects is nothing unusual, but builds on some very usable pedals that are already widley known, namely the AC and RC by Xotic Effects. These two pedals are now packed together in a purple lacquered housing and are being sold as a signature model in a limited edition for Oz Noy.


The RC comes in before the AC in the circuit, so it can be used as either a second gain or boost stage. If you need more headroom, the pedal can also be operated with 18 Volts instead of 9 Volts.

The order is unfortunately not changeable, so it isn’t as flexible as two individual pedals. Compared to the originals, the two EQ controls (bass, treble) are designed as small LED controls that light up either blue (RC) or red (AC) when the effect is turned on, which is handy on a dimly lit stage.

Limited Run

Xotic Effects haven’t given any specifics on what makes the AC/RC-Oz different from the original circuits of the two individual pedals that it is based upon. All we know is that they have been tweaked to Oz Noy’s personal preference.

The pedal is reasonably priced in the US, but I cannot say personally that it holds any interest to me, as I have no idea if it offers anything I couldn’t already get elsewhere from other brands. I also have no idea who Oz Noy is and so would probably pass up on this limited edition run off the back of such little information.

RRP – USD 196 plus shipping/taxes limited to 1500 units

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