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XODES PV44  ·  Source: XODES


The XODES PV44 lets you dial-in 4 lots of 4 voltages for squirting into your rack for instant patch changes and modulation not unlike the AFX Mode on the Novation AFX Station.



16 knobs split into 4 columns of voltages. Each of the 4 knobs in the column can be set to a different voltage. In response to a trigger input at the bottom of each column the 4 voltages are sent to outputs A, B, C and D. The idea is that you can pump these 4 voltages into a module or bunch of modules to affect certain controls and then by triggering another column you can send 4 different voltages to the same destination effectively changing the patch. How brilliant is that? Aphex Twin eat your heart out.


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This can generate all sorts of variations and possibilities and they suggest it’s great with percussive patches and envelopes, but also with messing about with sequences and tranpositions.

The range of voltages available to each knob isn’t the same. The top two can be switched between 1V, 2V and 4V ranges while the bottom two can be set to range up to +5v or between -5V and +5v.

There’s a fifth column which offers some modulation over the rows of voltages. This can mess things about nicely. There’s also a trigger output for passing on any triggers than come in. A priority system prevents columns from being triggered simultaneously.

The PV44 is an interesting module that could bring some fascinating variations, changes and evolutions to your rack without having to duplicate modules or formulate clever routings.

It’s available for preorder for €232.50 ex VAT and is expected in late November.

TP8 and LB5

Available now are the TP8 and LB5 modules. The TP8 is a simple, passive module that connects inputs and outputs via a touch plate for some nice interaction. The LB5 is a collection of 5 logic blocks available in regular 3U or a 1U version.



The TP8 is €32.50 and the LB5 is €95 in either configuration.

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  • XODES TP8 and LB5: XODES

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