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Wylde Audio Limited Editions Blood Eagle Raw Top, Odin Grail Camo and Barbarian Psyclone

Wylde Audio Limited Editions - Blood Eagle Raw Top, Odin Grail Camo and Barbarian Psyclone  ·  Source: Wylde Audio

Wylde Audio, the guitar company run by ex-Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde, has unveiled three new guitars with offbeat designs as limited editions. 


Like previous guitars from Wylde Audio, the three new models are all named with a Viking theme. We have a Blood Eagle Raw Top, Odin Grail Camo and Barbarian Psyclone, all are equipped with Mr Wylde’s signature specifications.

Wylde Audio Limited Editions

These include the classic ‘Zakk Wylde’ favourites: the EMG 81/85 active pickup set, a mahogany body, a maple neck with a 24.625″ gauge, a TonePros Tune-O-Matic bridge, Grover tuners and Graph Tech Ivory TUSQ Nut.

The differences, apart from the obviously very different design of the three models, can be found in the woods used for their tops.

The Blood Eagle has a flamed maple top, while the ceiling of the Odin is made of arched maple. The Barbarian, on the other hand, is a solid body with no cap and comes finished in a camo paint job!  Each guitar certainly stands out from the crowd and could possibly double up as a weapon with all those pointed lower horns.

Viking Gibsons?

These seem heavily influence by Gibson guitars, Les Paul, SG and an Explorer. Funny that, as Zakk was a Gibson signature artist for many years. The Wylde Audio models are certainly well specified and would probably appeal the most to fans of Zakk Wylde or Ozzy. You’re likely to start playing squealing harmonics and chugging riffs when you pick one up.

I (kind of) like them. They are different and I can imagine pulling one out of a gig bag at the local ‘Blues Jam’ down the pub and watching the old boys run for cover…

Incidentally, all three models are available exclusively and directly from Wylde Audio. The pre-order price for all three Wylde Audio Limited Editions is USD 1,099 each.

RRP – USD 1099 including hard case plus shipping/taxes

by Jef

2 responses to “Wylde Audio debuts Blood Eagle Raw Top, Odin Grail Camo and Barbarian Psyclone”

  1. These haven’t gotten much traction over here in the States-awhile back GC blew out a bunch of them. I wonder if Zakk is going to follow Ola’s lead and just sell them direct.

    • Jef says:

      They do look fairly extreme (reminds me a little of BC Rich), so a niche audience. I have heard good things about them though. Think going direct for sales is possibly the way forward, with maybe a few select dealers worldwide.

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