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Walrus Audio ARP-87

Walrus Audio ARP-87 with new secret mode  ·  Source: Walrus Audio


The recently released Walrus Audio ARP-87 has four delay sounds… Or does it? It turns out that those sneaky pedal makers have hidden an extra one, giving a total of five delay types instead!


Easter Egg

Yes, they have only gone and hidden the fifth delay algorithm, which apparently you can get to via a secret set of control combinations/pushes of the switch. Okay, it is nice to have more things available to you. But, is it going to be awkward to access easily? If activating it doesn’t mean going through all that each time you want that sound, it will be handy to have yet another delay type at your fingertips.

It’s a nice marketing campaign, though, and far more useful than many we have seen recently from other companies. It does potentially make this pedal worth even more for the money compared to when it was announced last month.

If you own one already and you find the secret mode, then please feel free to share in the comments section below.


RRP – USD 199

Walrus Audio ARP-97 product page

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Walrus Audio ARP-87

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2 responses to “Sneaky! Walrus Audio hide secret ‘Easter Egg’ delay mode in the ARP-87 pedal”

    Maxime Brunet says:

    I bought it today, and then i discover this news… I’ll try my best !

    Homer J Simpson says:

    Not sure if it’s similar, but on the Walrus Fathom you can access the 5th mode like so:
    – with the pedal engaged, turn the mode all the way down
    -hold the right footswitch while turning the Mode knob all the way to the right
    – release footswitch; you’re now in 5th mode which combines delay+reverb (on the Fathom)
    – to exit, reverse the procedure: hold right footswitch and turn Mode knob from full right to full left. Voila.

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