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VVOLT LEGO Case  ·  Source: VVOLT


VVOLT LEGO Case kit  ·  Source: VVOLT

These awesomely playful and colourful Eurorack cases are not actually LEGO but brick compatible 3D printed PLA. They come as a kit from Jakarta and are remarkably good value for a fun little case.


What I don’t quite understand is why they don’t have mini-figures all over them? Surely that’s the first thing you do with a Eurorack case made of LEGO? I should stress that it’s not “LEGO” in case there are any lawyers reading but these were designed in Blender and 3D printed using Polylactic Acid or PLA.

The kit comprises of the two sides, two ends and the base, and two 42HP rails. It all comes together in a delightful 42HP case. The usable depth is 55mm and it’s unpowered. The cost is £45-£55 depending on the version plus shipping. They currently have 8 versions with different “VVOLT” logo designs on the end, three in red, two in black and one in grey, yellow and brown.

They are a great idea, look fantastic and should absolutely be covered with LEGO or another compatible brick system. They let you play while you play…. 🙂

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