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AliveInTech Tranzient

AliveInTech Tranzient  ·  Source: AliveInTech

In two new videos Jim Simons from AliveInTech takes us through the use of VST instruments and VST plugins in the new version of their loop-based recording environment called Tranzient.

VST Support

I experienced the immersive music-making possibilities of Tranzient at Synthfest last year and it was weird but fun. A new update has brought VST plugins and instruments into the virtual reality looping environment and it’s starting to get interesting.

Virtual Instruments can now be loaded through the Tranzient interface with the GUI enlarged enough to give you full parameter control using the hand controllers. You can connect up a step sequencer and pump them full of notes. Certain aspects of the hand controllers movement can be mapped to parameters so you can control the filter cutoff by rotating your hand – that sort of thing. The automation can also be recorded onto the step-sequencer.

In the video Jim makes it look pretty slick as he creates sequences, adds automation and then pulls in some loops to create a scene. He then stacks up a couple of scenes into a performance without any bother.

VST effects can be added either directly to the virtual instrument or as a bus and can be worked and manipulated in a similar way.

It looks great and weirdly engaging and makes you ponder the usefulness of a virtual creative environment. Could this give a new approach to production? Could you lose yourself in this space? I don’t know – I don’t have the gear to try to out, but adding VST instruments and effects certainly raises this up to a level where I’d quite like to have a go.

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