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Victory V4 The Copper Preamp

Victory V4 The Copper Preamp  ·  Source: Victory

UK amp builders Victory Amplification has launched a miniature version of its VC35 amp into a pedal: Enter the V4 The Copper Preamp! This little box is designed to bring you all the sweet tones from the VC35 in a compact package. It was developed by Martin Kidd, the company’s chief amp designer, so we can expect some classic chime-y British tones from this one.

Victory V4 The Copper Preamp

This latest preamp pedal follows on from Victory’s Kraken Countess, Sheriff and Duchess pedals, and uses a similar format. It’s housed in a steel chassis and has a protection bar mounted on the front – this thing looks bombproof and ready to take whatever you can throw at it.

Victory V4 The Copper Preamp pedal

Classic Chime-y Tones

The V4 The Copper Preamp is based on a late ’50s Vox AC30 style amp, so we can expect a chime-y EL84 clean tone, with sweet mids and a very British classic rock sound. You can plug straight into the front of an amp or recording interface, or you can use the pedal via an amp’s FX loop to bypass the amp’s front end and just use the power amp section to amplify the Copper Preamp. It should be pretty easy to set this up, but the company has produced a video to show you the classic use cases and how to accomplish them, which you can see below.

Victory V4 The Copper Preamp rear panel


The pedal’s controls include two Master volume dials and single Gain and Tone knob, along with a three-band EQ and an additional footswitchable treble boost. There’s also a Bass Mode switch to give you some more low end if needed, or a cut in the bass frequencies. There’s plenty of I/O on the back for integrating the pedal into your setup in many different ways. Victory’s designer’s even printed instructions on the pedal to show you how to go about it. The connections offered are Input, Through, Loop In, Loop Out and an Effect Out.

As usual with Victory Amps gear, I am expecting a well-made pedal. Any gear bearing the Victory Amps logo will, no doubt, sound pretty sweet, as well. The official demo video below features Martin Kidd and Pete Honore.

RRP – USD 519/ GBP369/EUR 449

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