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Starling Via Modules

Starling Via Modules  ·  Source: Starling


Via from Starling is a hardware platform for creating a range of Eurorack modules. The hardware remains the same while the internal firmware, function and faceplate can be developed into all sorts of modules.



The hardware format they’ve settled on consists of a 12hp module and an 8hp expander. The module has 4 knobs, some LEDs and 9 patch sockets, the expander has 3 knobs, 2 sockets and a button. A replaceable faceplate is then used to label up the ports and parameters. But the faceplates appear to be slightly cleverer than that. They have touch plates embedded in order to provide some additional custom buttons and controls depending on the nature of the module.

You can see the general layout of the module and expander here:

Starling Via diagram

Starling Via diagram · Source: Starling

So far they have a handful of interchangeable modules ready to go:

  • META – Flexible slope generator
  • SYNC – Clock-synced signal source
  • SCANNER – Multi-channel waveshaper
  • GATESEQ – Rhythm Engine pair of sequencers
Starling Via Modules

Starling Via Modules · Source: Starling

Currently, there are no examples of these modules in action. There’s a video (below) of a bunch of Eurorack playing something back but other than seeing that these modules are present it doesn’t actually tell you anything. What we do know is that these will be available pre-built or DIY and the software will be open source to allow users to program their own modules and swap firmwares.

The Via modules should be available soon but the price is unknown. They are available on the VCV Rack platform if you want to go and try them out.

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Starling Via Modules

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