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Venus Instruments VENO-ECHO

Venus Instruments VENO-ECHO  ·  Source: Venus Instruments


A reworked 2022 VENO-ECHO hones in on versatility and extension modulation possibilities for a playful and powerful stereo delay module.



The VENO-ECHO does all the things you’d expect a stereo delay to do in Eurorack. You’ve got a stereo input and output that you can de-couple into independent delay lines with their own timings and feedback. You can reverse the flow, push the width and do a bit of cross-feedback too. CV inputs are available for everything and Venus Instruments has also worked in cross-fading within parameters to keep the transition smooth without artefacts or unexpected pitch shifts.

So it’s got all the good stuff handled, and then it starts to get a bit fruity. Delay times can go up to the 1-minute mark or you can wind it all the way down to Karplus Strong territory. In fact, VENO-ECHO fully embraces the opportunity to use itself to generate struck string sounds. Clock the module above 16Hz, and you get a pair of Karplus String modes with 1v/oct pitch control. All you need is something short and percussive plugged in that will excite the delay, and off you go.


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More than echo

In other features the VENO-ECHO likes to bring in some character. You can downsample to some pretty crunchy lo-fi levels while dipping into some valve-style saturated distortion. If you check out the words in brackets beneath the knobs you’ll see the additional controls available to you via the Shift button. These include a lowpass and highpass filter that are set into the effected signal path.

You can sync it all up or set it free to run where it likes. Meanwhile, plug in some modulation, and you’ve got a whole party of delay and signal shaping going on in one module. There are a lot of effects units in modular. And it’s great to see something that adds more value than simply the primary objective. Check out Divkids video below to see how awesomely versatile this thing is.

The VENO-ECHO is available now for £394.


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Venus Instruments VENO-ECHO

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