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UVI UVX670  ·  Source: UVI


UVI has brought together two classic 1980s Akai synthesisers into a hybrid virtual instrument that celebrates them both individually as well as in combination. The appropriately named UVX670 absorbs the AX73 and VX600.



The name even sounds like a late 80s synthesizer and the front end is absolutely perfect in giving you a tiny LCD style screen and bugger-all knobs to play with. It even has a virtual Memory Card slot which I’m sure is UVIs expressing their boundless sense of humour. There’s a lot more to play with behind the scenes though.

UVI instruments are sample-based and so the UVX670 started with them getting hold of and restoring a real-life AX73 and VX600. Sampling was done per key and on the AX73 they did both wet and dry versions with the built-in chorus. Both are six-voice analogue polysynths, the VX600 being a pad monster with dual VCOs per-voice and the AX73 being remarkable for leads and basses with a 6 VCO architecture usable in either poly, stacked or unison modes through Curtis 4-pole 24/db resonant lowpass filters.

Akai AX74 and VX600

Akai AX74 and VX600

Each synth has its own voice selection, volume, pan, filters, amplitude and filter envelopes, pitch, portamento, stereo modes, modulation targets, and arpeggiators. The two synth signals are summed through a high-quality effect chain employing 3-band EQ, drive, Thorus, multi-mode ensemble, Phasor, delay and Sparkverb. All of this is available for tweaking and crafting on further pages of the interface.

When you think of 1980s analogue synths these are probably not the machines that spring to mind and that makes this a nicely unique collection of sounds. And if you check out some of the sound demos it all sounds fabulously on-trend.

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The UVX670 is available now for MacOS and Windows and runs inside the UVI Workstation or Falcon software. It takes up 7GB of space and is on a special of €49.

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