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Ueberschall Samples Sale

Ueberschall Samples Sale  ·  Source: Ueberschall

Plug-in manufacturer Ueberschall is running a sale on its massive library of professional samples, heavily discounting their diverse variety of packs. There is something for everyone in their collection, and no matter what style of music you produce you will find their lineup useful.

They not only covers a range of styles, but a range of different eras of music. This includes things like 80s synthwave, 60s psychedelia, 70s funk rock, 8-bit, all the way to sample packs for guitars, horns, dance production, hip-hop, and rhythm and blues. It’s almost impossible to list the depth of variety included in the company’s plug-in lineup. There are even a few sample packs from ethnic styles from Asia and Brazil.

Some of the more noteworthy offerings included in the sale are the Oriental RnB, a kit with over 1,300 loops of traditional Asian instruments, the Brasil Nova Primeiro and Segundo packs that provide a traditional South American flair. The Resource includes samples from more electronic styles like pop, house, and electronica. There are also some unique instrument packs like flugelhorn, traditional instruments from the Balkans, and Bollywood Pop.

Each pack contains a large number of loops, some numbering almost a thousand, so there is no short supply of creative elements to use in your productions. The sale is running until 13th June, and most of the packs come in under or just above $50. The plug-ins are Windows and Mac compatible in VST2, RTAS, AU, AAX native, and standalone formats.

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