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Urs Heckmann modular system

Urs Heckmann modular system  ·  Source: Urs Heckmann

Urs Heckmann, the person behind software company U-He, has recently got a modular system together. He’s published a number of videos on his YouTube site showing off his expertise with Eurorack hardware synthesis. Could he be working on a software version of this sort of synthesis? 

U-He Virtual modular?

With recent releases such as the REPRO-1 Urs passion for analogue synthesis shines through. The detail that U-He goes to in order to produce authentic sound is largely unparalleled in the industry. To turn their attention to a more modular way of doing things rather than traditional synths is not too much of a stretch. Clearly, Urs is loving the creative and spontaneous nature of the modular.

His system is modest but creative, built into a Vermona Case with 2 rows of 104HP and a 1U row in the middle. He has the following modules: XAOC Devices Tirana II (2x), Batumi and Kamieniec, Make Noise Maths and Optomix, Mutable Instruments Rings, Clouds, Peaks and Kinks, 4 MS Dual Looping Delay, and some Erica Synths Black digital switches. On some videos, he also includes the Circadian Rhythm and a handful of other modules.

Of course, he may just be having fun, enjoying the simple pleasures of playing with Eurorack. But maybe this is inspiration for a new software instrument. We can but hope.

Here’s his YouTube channel.

And here’s an example of his wiggling to enjoy.

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This would be awesome but still hoping and waiting for Zebra 3 to be finished and released!