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Tyyster Pelti 12-String Finnish metal purple electric guitar

Tyyster Pelti 12-String Finnish purple  ·  Source:

Tyyster Pelti 12-String Finnish metal purple electric guitar

Rear of guitar with bolt on neck  ·  Source:

Finnish luthier Ville Tyyster builds guitars out of metal, or ‘pelti’, the Finnish word for sheet metal. Unlike other metal guitar builders like Trussart, you’d not necessarily know this just by looking at them.

I recently saw the demo for this electric 12-string online and was very impressed with the sound, as I have always had a soft spot for 12-string guitars. What drew me to this was the reviewers all saying how easy this was to play and how comfortable it was to fret. The last decent 12-string I played was actually an acoustic guitar once owned by Johnny Marr, but that was over 20 years ago and I haven’t found a great one since, either acoustic or electric.

Ville Tyyster has put a lovely deep purple colour on this guitar. I really like the whole design, it appears well balanced to the eye and the colour scheme works for me. He also does it in a very bright turquiose, which I find a little too bright for my tastes. The guitar has a combination of pickups and an internal mic to get its sounds. The two share a tone control and each has their own volume control, so you can blend the two and, hopefully, achieve the sound you are after.

For many, 12-string guitars are associated with many great 1960s pop and rock tunes, and there was a ‘90s resurgence, too. I think it’s a brave move to make a metal-bodied 12 string, as a lot of people associate metal-bodied guitars with sounding cold or sterile, which in my opinion is absolute rubbish. You could use a harmoniser of some sort to achieve this sound, of course, but for me a real 12-string can be such a great song writing tool that can be very inspirational.

The demo below from Premier Guitar should give a good impression of what this guitar sounds like.

RRP USD $4,570 

Tyyster Pelti 12-String specifications: Product details

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