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Toybox Nano Pack

Toybox Nano Pack  ·  Source: Toybox


The Toybox Nano Pack comes with a ridiculous amount of modules for Reaktor Blocks with every conceivable function converted in high-quality, low-CPU simplicity.


Nano Pack

In this pack you get 500 modules – 500! That includes 35 oscillators, 76 effects, 26 filters and over 300 utilities with which you can wire up the most complex and extraordinary patches. They are not particularly pretty like the original Toybox collection but these are simple, fast and completely functional.

In the bank of oscillators you’ll find analog modelling, wavetable, additive, modal, physical modelling, phase distortion and others I can’t even think of. The effects bank includes saturation, wave-folding, dynamics, spectral, reverbs, grain cloud and much much more. The filter blocks cover all the usual bases plus comb filters, morphing filters and so on. You’ll also discover sampler blocks for granular and formant processing, sampled hits and buffer manipulations. All sorts of sequencers are represented so you can go to town on how you want pitch and gates to run through your patch. “Position” functions let you control the playback position of your sequencers.

Then there are reams of logic gates, math functions, clocks, ramps, meters, scopes, MIDI and of course if you are running the full Reaktor version you can open them all up and modify the guts.

One other cool factor is the snapshot system that’s built into every block. You can save snapshots of the current state of the module and return to them or morph through them either manually or via MIDI and OSC.

Toybox Nano Pack

Toybox Nano Pack · Source: Toybox

This is a phenomenal collection of modules. They may not look like much but they’ve got it where it counts and you could spend a lifetime exploring the possibilities.

The price is a whopping $45 which will rise to $64 after an introductory period.

Nano Pack Community Edition

If that’s a bit too pricey for you then how about getting a selection of modules in the Nano Pack CE for absolutely nothing. You get more than a handful of effects, a bunch of filters, some modulators, sequencers, samplers and three oscillators. And more utilities than you can ever use.

The Nano Pack CE is plenty for anyone to play with and it will run with the free Reaktor Player so you can have a completely free modular environment. Sadly, at the time of writing I can’t get it to install on Windows without it asking for a serial number in the Native Access software – hopefully this will get fixed, but if you’re having this problem and find a solution them please let me know!

Everything is available from the Toybox website where you can check out the whole list of modules and bask in the functionality.

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Toybox Nano Pack

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3 responses to “Toybox Nano Pack creates a massive modular playground in Reaktor Blocks”

    Alex says:

    What about the sound? Do their oscillators and filters have a specific analog character, or they are like boring Doepfer budget modules?

      borreliosis says:

      Considering that Doepfer oscillators are mostly analog, something here is not right.
      Considering also that clean oscillators and filters have their use, something else is also not right.
      Considering that character and budget are hardly opposites… considering that Doepfer has many interesting modules… considering that only someone with a limited level of knowledge would utter something like the above… considering that he, and I’m absolutely certain it’s a he, only wrote something like this because he wants a reaction… considering all this, we should all just go out and have a walk and be friendly to somebody.
      The first question, though: I was wondering that, too.

    Robin Vincent says:

    Toybox has a handy Community Edition pack of free modules so you can go and judge for yourself.

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