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TK Audio Transceiver 2

TK Audio Transceiver 2  ·  Source: TK Audio


The TK Audio Transceiver 2 is a 4-channel insert station that converts between balanced and unbalanced signals. Sounds boring? Not when you realize how many cool things you can actually do with this. Use your guitar pedals as effects in your DAW, run audio tracks from your DAW through your amps, or use it on stage to insert balanced gear between your instrument and amp.


TK Audio Transceiver 2

Just like its predecessor, the Transceiver 2 offers four channels that can be used in a multitude of ways. Each channel has balanced XLR inputs and outputs on the back, and unbalanced send and return jacks on the front panel. There are knobs for adjusting the send and return levels, and you can flip the polarity of the return signal with a switch.

This opens up many creative possibilities. Got a nice collection of guitar pedals? The Transceiver 2 is your hub for integrating those into your DAW. Simply run a balanced connection from your audio interface to the Transceiver 2, plug in your pedals, adjust the levels, and you’re good to go. The same goes for running signals from your DAW through external amps and back again. The device also acts as an active DI box with up to +20 dB of gain, so you have plenty of flexibility for level matching.

TK Audio Transceiver 2

Transceiver 2

New Blend knob

So what sets the new version apart from the original Transceiver, which came out about ten years ago? TK Audio has added a Blend knob for each channel, which allows you to blend in as much of the inserted effect as you’d like. Moreover, all controls are now stepped in 41 increments, which makes it easy to repeat a specific setting.

TK Audio says that the transformerless design ensures a flat frequency response, low noise, and low harmonic distortion. The idea is to move signals between your balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs as cleanly and quietly as possible. This way, your external effects and amps can deliver their full potential.


All in all, this makes the Transceiver 2 an excellent choice if you’d like to incorporate pedals and other unbalanced gear into your DAW workflow. But the manufacturer says that it also shines on stage as a way to insert balanced gear between your instruments and amps.

Price and availability

The TK Audio Transceiver 2 is available now for $999 / €899 plus VAT.

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TK Audio Transceiver 2

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