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Audio Simplified Pedal Pusher integrates your pedals into your DAW  ·  Source: Audio Simplified

With its new Pedal Pusher 19″ rack unit, Audio Simplified is introducing a new way to integrate pedals into your DAW- or mixer-based workflow.

Stompbox to DAW

The Pedal Pusher combines the inputs and outputs of your pedals as an effects loop. But it also provides power to your pedals. All that should help you integrate your favourite effects pedals into your DAW of choice more easily. The 19″ rack mount unit has two effect loop channels and also includes six power outputs fore your your effects pedals.

You can set it up as dual mono or stereo and it has multiple settings for dealing with high impedance and Line levels. It also handles both active and passive pickups. Its designers have also included has some neat routing switches that will add flexibility for feeding both effects loops from one input or both outputs from one DI.  So you could, for example, feed two different pedal loops from a single input or feed a clean and effect-laden signal to the console from a guitar input.

I like that it can also be used for re-amping, so it could be a useful addition for studio setups.

Pedal Pusher Basic Setup

Pedal Pusher Basic Setup


  • Dual Mono Pedal loop channels each with
    • High headroom line level balanced input to guitar pedal send with impedance and level matching.
    • High impedance guitar pedal return to high headroom line level balanced output.
    • Selectable pickup simulation, Active or Passive.
    • Additional high frequency variable equalizer in the passive position to simulate (or negate) the effect of guitar cable.
  • Low noise universal built in power supply
  • Six isolated, high current power supplies with selectable voltages for low noise pedal power.
  • The Pedal Returns are high quality, dual mono or stereo, high impedance, direct instrument inputs (DI) with line level outputs. Each has two gain settings.
  • The Pedal Sends can function as high quality sends from a console/DAW to guitar amp for re-amp use.
Pedal Pusher as two channel line level DI Box

Pedal Pusher as two channel line level DI Box

Dual Feed Stage DI Box

Dual Feed Stage DI Box

Live use

Okay, it is obviously designed for studio use. I can see a lot of benefits here when used in your recording setup. However, it could also become a good tool for more complex live rigs as well, as it works as a DI box. That makes this unit even more appealing to me.

The price is pretty reasonable, considering what it has to offer. I look forward to hearing some reviews of this unit once users get their hands on them. You can order one directly from the link below.

RRP – USD 450

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