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Tiptop Audio stayed home from NAMM this year to focus on their upcoming products. One such release is a new version of the Z8000 Matrix Sequencer.



The Z8000 is all about modulation. There are 16 knobs but there are 10 sequencers flowing through in different directions. The first 4 sequencers run horizontally, in rows, then there’s 4 on the vertical. You also have 16 steps going down and 16 across, if you see what I mean. The Z8000 can then modulate up to 10 CV destinations simultaneously creating all sorts of poly-rhythmic and unexpected movement and complexity. A single knob can affect all 10 sequencers with a single turn. Although note sequencing is possible it’s better when paired with the Quantizer to provide it with 1V/Oct precision.

It has 30 gate and clock inputs and 10 CV outputs. It’s a patch-monkey’s dream machine.

There’s not a lot of difference to the original version. They’ve added some range adjustment switches to the back and given the front panel a nice new “Tiptop” paint job.

The Z8000 should be making it’s way to your favourite modular shop soon and is expected to be $395. More information on the Tiptop Audio website.


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