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Tiptop Audio ONE

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Tiptop Audio have been drip-feeding the internet with little teases about a new module called ONE. In fact, they say they’re not going to NAMM so that they can focus on getting it ready for release. I’ve pulled together as much information as I can to see if we can have a guess at what it could be.


The name is supremely unhelpful. It could refer to combining a number of things into a single unit. It could mean that it has a single function. Or it could be all about global unity and the embrace of fellow humans.

The first clue came on New Year’s Eve in the form of a wave file posted online that simply says “have a listen”.

My first reaction is that this is something digital. Granular and glitchy certainly. The voices indicate some sampling technology. Could it be a bit like Clouds from Mutable Instruments? The freezing and layering of samples. Was it all done on ONE or was it part of something bigger? There were regular blips and more expected noises and effects in there. Very interesting.

Following a few days later a video emerged on Vimeo of ONE getting beta tested entitled “Some like it hard” by Station 252. If you’re hoping for a glimpse of the module itself then you’ll be disappointed as it appears to be covered by a piece of card. All that I can glean from it is that it’s not a wide module and it’s appears to be being used as an effect on the kick drum – possibly. A lot of granular type noise going on. What do you think?

A week later after some discussion about panel graphics we get a second beta test demo from Station 252 entitled “Some like it Buchla”. This time the piece of card has the word “ONE” written on it. This demo appears to drive a Buchla style beep from The Circadian Rhythms while a few other sounds get faded in. There’s nothing that sounds remarkably different or unique, and certainly nothing that sounds like the wave file we heard on New Year’s Eve. It’s still an intoxicating demo though.

On the Station 252 Vimeo channel you’ll find a couple of other ONE based demos.

Next came this image of a memory card:

Tiptop ONE memory card

Tiptop ONE memory card

This immediately throws in thoughts of a sampler and one where you can store and load samples, patches or library. This seemed to be confirmed today with the announcement that Glitchmachines are creating content for ONE.

That seems to be it for the moment. Tiptop have certainly garnered my interest and I look forward to a bit more information coming our way once we’re over the NAMM craziness.

Best source of information is their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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  1. Don’t they also use these kind of cards to load different effect algorithms into their effect-module? Maybe they’ll offer a downsized effect module (cheaper, smaller and with less connectors). Given that they also teamed up with Valhalla DSP, this might be a great opportunity to bring these effects into a more affordable and tinier format.

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