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Tim Shoebridge Digital Waveform

Tim Shoebridge Digital Waveform  ·  Source: Tim Shoebridge


In the latest custom *Logue oscillator from Tim Shoebridge comes an attempt to recreate the sounds and capabilities of the Korg DW-8000 hybrid polysynth. Compatible with the Korg NTs-1 Minilogue XD and Prologue.


Digital Waveform

This is a user oscillator for the family of Korg synthesizers that uses the multi-engine custom technology to load up new and exciting oscillators. The DW-8000 is a classic digital synthesizer from 1985 that had 2 digital oscillators per voice and 8-voice polyphony. It had an unusual amount of warmth due to its analogue signal path through the filters and amplifiers. It had 16 digital waveforms that did a great job of emulating pianos, bells, organs, guitars and other natural instruments.

Tim’s intention was to take a few of those waveforms and see if he could emulate that classic sound on the Minilogue XD. It’s important to note that all of the presets and work he’s done on recreating the sound was done by patching the Minilogue XD. While the oscillator will work great on the NTS-1 and the Prologue as a multi-engine oscillator, the presets will not. He managed to get all 16 waveforms into the engine twice over giving you 2 digital oscillators that can select from any of the 16 waveforms. The two oscillators are blended using the Shape control. You can detune them for extra thickness and set intervals and octaves between them and even blend in some noise.

The sound of the patches is amazing. Tim has done a fantastic job of replicating the vibe of the DW-8000 and few people would notice the difference – except Tim. He goes to some length to tell us why it’s not going to sound exactly the same because he’s had to make compromises in getting the waveforms into the oscillator and the resolution is not as high as he’d like it to be. Honestly Tim, don’t worry, we all think it sounds fabulous!

The Digital Waveform oscillator is available now from the SoundMangling website for $19.

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Tim Shoebridge Digital Waveform

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