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PRS Private Stock Snarling Tiger

PRS Private Stock Snarling Tiger  ·  Source: Willcutt Guitars


I thought last week’s PRS banana hanger floating guitar stand was bizarre, but then this monstrosity turned up online, looking like a very upset Tony Tiger from the Frosties cereal packets!


They’re Great!

The PRS Private Stock ‘Snarling Tiger’ comes in a satin nitro Antique Natural Smoked Burst finish. It’s probably the ugliest tiger graphic I have ever seen.  The base model is a McCarty 594 featuring a one-piece curly maple top and figured mahogany back, paired with a curly maple neck and matching fingerboard with ebony binding and mother of pearl bird inlays and side dots. The headstock is also curly maple and has ebony binding. And, of course, a carved tiger covers a quarter of the body.

To my untrained eye, it looks terrible and just goes to show that all the money in the world still doesn’t buy you good taste. This frosty little tiger appears to have mange!

PRS Private Stock Snarling Tiger

PRS Private Stock Snarling Tony Tiger McCarty 594

My eyes are bleeding!

The tiger was hand-carved by Floyd Scholz, and I can only guess that he had overdosed on sugary cereal when he went to work on this big cat. The unfortunate creature looks more like a caricature. And it seems to have ruined what could otherwise have been a very nice looking McCarty.

That front leg/paw is all kinds of wrong and looks like a poorly placed decal of a bad drawing to me. I cannot honestly find anything about this poor tiger that I think looks okay.

PRS Private Stock McCarty 594, well at least the back looks nice!

PRS Private Stock McCarty 594, well at least the back looks nice!

Turn off the lights

The guitar comes loaded with a pair of PRS 58/15 LY humbuckers and has a gold-with-nickel PRS two-piece stoptail bridge, and uses a set of PRS Phase III set-screw locking tuners. If you turned off the lights and played it in a pitch black room, I’m sure it will sound grrrreat!

RRP – USD 21990 (and you don’t even get a free plastic toy in the packet!)

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Image Sources:
  • PRS Private Stock Snarling Tony Tiger McCarty 594: Willcutt Guitars
  • PRS Private Stock McCarty 594, well at least the back looks nice!: Willcutt Guitars
PRS Private Stock Snarling Tiger

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9 responses to “The PRS Private Stock Snarling Tiger is one wild cat”

    Leroy says:

    I think this one should have been kept private. Its like the instrument equivalent to Transformers …(5?)!! But who knows maybe the guy from Nickelback will pick one up and for his “private stock”?

    Peter Bregman says:

    This isn’t even the first ugly PRS Private Stock carved animal.

    Maybe they’re going for some kind of “folk art” looks? In any case, I doubt it appeals to many people.

    Dane says:

    The 80s called, and they want their cheesy car airbrush jobs back.

    LR says:

    When did George Lynch become PRS endorsee?
    This has to be one the most hideous things I’ve ever seen.

    Jef says:

    PRS Carole Baskin signature model?

    Jim Bob says:

    Nah, that’s the Wayne Shaeffler model. It is intended to intimidate all who cross his path since he lacks the male fortitude to do it himself. it truly is a guitar for an old geezer.

    Zampuuji says:

    I’d imagine this thing took quite some time to build.
    It’s hard for me to believe that somewhere along the line in that build process, that no one said “Dude! What the fuck is that? It’s profoundly stupid!”
    I guess some “blues lawyer” will bite on it…

    JeffG says:

    I can just hear Strongbad saying “…and we’ll put a big beefy arm on there… maybe add more toes…

    hooleydooleydoo says:

    I don’t enjoy it. But it’s a lot better than I could do, and it must suck if you’re the guy who did it and you’re reading all this stuff about your work online. I do hope someone loves it. The eyes are creepy AF

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