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PRS Floating Guitar Stand Banana

PRS new floating guitar stand. And some bananas.  ·  Source: PRS/


The new PRS Floating Guitar Stand, as it’s officially titled, is the company’s answer to a problem that – let’s be honest – doesn’t really exist. It also looks surprisingly like a banana hanger. Would you entrust one of these with your expensive PRS guitar?


PRS Floating Guitar Stand

Okay, cards on the table: I’m not convinced by this product. First, it’s not a new idea. We we have seen these types of floating guitar stands before with products like the Bulldog Dragon One. To my untrained eye it looks like an over-sized banana hanger.

Design features

The PRS Floating Guitar Stand has heavy-duty construction, with a weighted base (doh) and a three-point design (that’s a triangle to you and me) to stop it from keeling over. PRS states this guitar stand is suitable for most acoustic and electric guitars and it has a “nitro-friendly” foam head stock cradle.

PRS Floating Guitar Stand

PRS Floating Guitar Stand

Ripen Your Tone

As I see it, this product is only useful if you want to display your guitar at floor level. Which is absolutely fine. But if you have small children or family pets, this design puts your guitar right in their path. Anyone with kids at home knows that this is asking for an accident.

I can also envisage coming home plastered from a night on the IPA and falling on top of my guitar that’s hanging at waist level in my living room, destroying it in a tragic inebriated mishap. I think Paul Reed Smith has launched far better products in the past. This one is a bit of a lemon. Or should that be a banana?

RRP – USD 139

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