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OTO Machines Bébé Chérie

OTO Machines announces the Bébé Chérie analogue mixer.  ·  Source: OTO Machines


Coming soon, the OTO Bébé Chérie is a 6-input stereo analogue mixer designed for dealing with mini-jack signals.


With its integrated master bus compressor and Bliss enhancer, it’s a great centerpiece for your electronic music production setup.

What makes the OTO Bébé Chérie different?

As you’d expect from the small Parisian designer, OTO machines, it’s certainly a niche piece of gear. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not versatile within its specific playing field.

For starters, channels 1 through 4 have switchable mono/stereo operating modes, 34 dB of gain with asymmetrical soft clipping, and tilt EQ controls.

The remaining two channels have gain selection switches to flip between 0 and +10 dB, while they also have two-band Baxandall EQ.

In addition, the master bus channel has a single knob compressor with a fixed 3:1 ratio, and a Bliss high-frequency enhancer for adding shimmer to the overall mix.

On the rear panel, the terminals are labeled upside down for easy legibility from above, and there’s an alt output next to the main output that gives you more options for monitoring or using a separately processed submix.


Up top, you have the individually controlled headphones output and unique minimalist metering for the channels, master, and gain reduction level.

Internally, the Bébé Chérie has been designed with the utmost care using Audiophile film capacitors within the EQ section, THAT Corporation VCAs, and ALPS pots.

Pricing and availability:

  • The OTO Bébé Chérie will be available from the second quarter of 2023, priced at 625 € excl. VAT



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Image Sources:
  • Main control panel: OTO Machines
  • Rear panel: OTO Machines
OTO Machines Bébé Chérie

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5 responses to “The OTO Bébé Chérie is an analogue mixer for electronic music”

    James says:

    This looks very nice. I wonder, could it take microphone signals?

    Amber says:

    What an ugly Design, I really get blind 🤦but there might be somebody out there who will love the color, but do you really need something like that?

    H4WW3R says:

    That price is terrifying.

    Johan says:

    Love this company. With their pedigree it’ll sound great. Not so sure about all that mini jack biz though -and no XLR.. hmm

    Anyways from what I’ve read during the Corona years I eagerly await future OTO effects units once chips gets available. I’m sure they’ll be amazing!

    erik says:

    I really like this guy’s product design but come on, the hot pink is awful. Designing an analog box as a way to keep your company alive during a global chip shortage, while making that box bright pink, seems odd.

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