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NUX Mighty Plug

NUX Mighty Plug  ·  Source: NUX


The Mighty Plug from budget-friendly brand NUX manages to squeeze effects, amp models, and cab IRs into a tiny plug that can fit it in your pocket when you aren’t using it! Just plug it into your guitar’s output, plug a set of headphones in to the unit, and off you go!


NUX Mighty Plug

The NUX Mighty Plug is filled to the brim with effects, amp models, and cab IRs. It can also be directly remote-controlled via Bluetooth. The device has 13 amplifier models, 20 IR files, including speaker cabs and acoustic guitar, and 19 effects, including a phaser, chorus, flanger,  tremolo, boost, crunch, touch wah, Uni Vibe, tremolo, and a three-band EQ. There’s also a smattering of delays with analog, tape, digital, ping pong, shimmer, and reverbs including room, hall, plate, and spring.

The Mighty Plug has a rechargeable Li battery which should give you around three hours of playing time. Just use the supplied micro USB cable to charge the unit up between your practise sessions.

N-UX Mighty Plug is feature packed and tiny

NUX Mighty Plug is feature packed and tiny

Amps, Acoustics and more

The virtual guitar amp models include Tweed, Plexi, Top Boost, and Recto, plus an Acoustic Guitar Simulator with Impulse Response Acoustic Guitar Emulation. The unit also has 10 built-in drum patterns, a handy metronome, a noise gate, NUX TS/AC true simulation, and a physical amplifier modelling algorithm.



Remote Bluetooth Control

As I mentioned earlier, you can also control the Mighty Plug remotely using Bluetooth. It connects to your smartphone or tablet from where you can edit and control parameters of all those onboard amps and effects. You also get access to extra preamp models, guitar cabinet IRs, and effects via the free MightyAmp app. NUX also states that it works equally well with active or passive electric guitars and basses, plus acoustic-electric guitars with piezo or magnetic pickups.

NU-X Mighty Plug

NUX Mighty Plug works with your smart phone

Perfect Practise

If you need a silent practise tool, then for this price, the NUX Mighty Plug is hard to beat. It is pretty feature packed and when used with a smartphone, you can really dig down into all those features, making this a really handy and compact unit for practising your guitar.

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3 responses to “The NUX Mighty Plug is crammed with effects, amp models, and cab IRs. The best practice tool ever?”

  1. Robert Wood says:

    It’s a good unit, unfortunately its Great little unit but unfortunately the Bluetooth Audio specs leave a lot to be desired. There is a significant delay if I stream audio from a video on my iPad Pro – e.g. a tutorial. On other Bluetooth devices that is negligible (Waza Air)

  2. patrick says:

    Can you use nux together with tonebridge?

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