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The Nothin ear (1) earpiece front and back view.

The Nothing ear (1)'s bring together some intelligent design elements and features.  ·  Source: Nothing


The mysterious London consumer tech startup known only as Nothing has unveiled its new wireless earbuds. The Nothing ear (1) is a collaborative design with Swedish music tech innovators, Teenage Engineering. True to virtually every offering so far, the company has delivered on its hype time and again, and the ear (1)’s are no exception. As far as the design goes, the attention to detail is astounding as you would expect. It’s clear from every angle that a great deal of time and inspiration went into the development. They come equipped with an almost smartphone-like feature list. So it’s clear that leaving no stone unturned was the bare minimum in the formula for creating these futurist earbuds.


Nothing ear (1): a science fiction-styled earpiece

Teenage Engineering CEO Jesper Kouthoofd and Tom Howard led the design team on the Nothing ear (1) and the synergy is unmistakable. You can easily see the thread of innovation between the ear (1)’s and many of the TE products. On top of it all at £99, it makes an extremely competitive move into a rather flooded marketplace, particularly following the home-exercise boom. Weighing only 4.7g, they are app supported and feature active noise-canceling, Bluetooth 5.2, up to 34 hours of playback time with the wireless charging case, custom equalization, water resistance, gesture controls, in-ear detection, and 3 high-quality built-in mics.

Nothing ear (1)'s in their charging case.

More than just a handful, the ear (1)’s are a very impressive package. · Source: Nothing

Is the future truly Nothing?

What everyone will be more than curious about, of course, is the 11.6 mm driver and the sound quality produced. If the design aesthetic is anything to go by, the Nothing ear (1)’s will not disappoint sonically. So I think we can rest assured. The first limited run is available from 31 July at 14:00 BST from the Nothing page and selected retailers, and will then sell worldwide officially from 17 August. If this is the first offering from Nothing, it certainly builds anticipation in the same way Teenage Engineering has with their cult-like presence as a brand.

Ear (1) in their transparent charging case.

The ear (1)’s transparent design is a constant throughout. · Source: Nothing

More about the Nothing ear (1) & Teenage Engineering


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Nothing ear (1) new futurist earbuds developed with Teenage Engineering.

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