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NUX MG-300 Modelling Guitar Processor

NUX MG-300 Modelling Guitar Processor  ·  Source: NUX


For a unit its size, the new NUX MG-300 Modelling Guitar Processor certainly manages to pack in a lot of features. This little multi-FX has all the audio modelling, built-in effects, and IRs you can think of. And then some. Read on to find out what NUX has managed to cram inside this little box.


NUX MG-300 Modelling Guitar Processor

The new MG-300 Modelling Guitar Processor from NUX is aimed squarely at the budget end of the virtual amp and effects sector. This little all-in-one unit manages to pack in quite a bit in its portable size. It uses a TSAC-HD (True Simulation of Analog Circuit) algorithm for its amp modelling and built-in effects which include analogue overdrive and distortion effects, as well as post-style effects such as chorus, flanger, phase, vibe, rotary, vibrato, delay, and reverb.

NUX MG-300 Packed with virtual effects

NUX MG-300. Packed with virtual effects

Express Yourself

The unit comes with an expression pedal which can be used as a wah, or to control volume or other effect parameters. Obviously a very useful tool, as it allows for easy manipulation of parameters whilst playing.

NUX MG-300 Modelling Guitar Processor

NUX MG-300 Modelling Guitar Processor with a handy expression pedal

Impulse Responses & more

The MG-300 includes 25 built-in cabinet IRs, and four classic microphones with three positions. Or, you can load your own custom IRs using the NUX QuickTone editing software, which is a really neat feature. It really opens up the possibilities of this little unit. I honestly didn’t expect so much from it.

You can also use the software to further tweak parameters, download patches, and set up USB audio routing. I only hope the software is easy to use, as in my experience, some of the more budget-friendly products tend to suffer with poorly supported software editors. Hopefully, that is not the case here.

Feature Packed

If you want to play along to a rhythm or a backing track, or are inspired to create a loop, there are 56 drum beats with eight rhythm styles, each with seven different beats, and a 60 second – Phrase Loop Synchronization tool. There is also a tuner, and a global three-band EQ.

If the price is right, we might see it being pitted against products like Line 6’s POD Go, or the more recent Mooer GE300 LITE. However, I think the NUX may possibly be priced lower than either of these units and therefore, might have the edge.

You can check out the NUX MG-300 in the official demo video below.


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