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The Dell XPS Desktop workstation.

Dell XPS Desktop will be available this fall in silver and black.  ·  Source: Dell


Meet the Dell XPS Desktop, a redesigned powerhouse for demanding Windows users. The XPS line has always been synonymous with performance and this desktop PC is no different, providing an unparalleled level of compatibility with the latest hardware in a larger design footprint. For those seeking to configure or build their own studio workstation, this is certainly both a formidable and a viable option as purchasing high-end components individually can be costly. Available later this fall, Dell’s new XPS Desktop offers an enormous amount of potential performance, let’s see what sets it apart.


The Dell XPS Desktop is a larger format workhorse

When it comes to hardware support, the XPS Desktop is almost in a league of its own. Capable of running GDDR5 memory modules, which apparently offer a massive 530% increase in clock speeds and 5th generation PCIe GPUs. Making a sustainable purchase with upgradability and longevity is certainly a priority when buying a studio PC, but is it quiet enough? Being 42% larger than the previous model, the XPS Desktop certainly has plenty of room for thermal efficiency, with the ability to now house three 120mm fans and liquid cooling systems. The mod-friendly chassis also offers screwdriver-free upgrades, so it’s certainly genuine geek-approved.

Dell XPS 8950 Desktop Liquid Cooling interior photo

Dell XPS 8950 Desktop with liquid cooling

Currently, the Dell XPS Desktop can support up to a 12th-gen Intel Core i9K processor, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090, and AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT GPUs. With hardware specs like that, you’ll certainly be keeping up with the Joneses, Jenners, and whoever else. We can only wait and see how Thread Director within Windows 11 will harness the performance of machines like these in a DAW environment. The starting price is $919.99, but this is hardly an indicator of what the cost will be once properly configured into a fully armed and operational battle station.

More about the XPS Desktop

The Dell XPS Desktop workstation.

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    Donald barcelo says:

    my previous xps worked only 3 years…. not going to renew the experience

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