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Boss RC-600 looper

Boss RC-600 looper  ·  Source: Boss

The RC-600 is the new flagship model in Boss’ Loop Station series. It comes with a host of useful features that could well make this the ultimate looping pedalboard for musicians. 


Boss RC-600

This new Boss RC-600 looper pedal uses 32-bit AD/DA and 32-bit floating-point processing, so it should sound great. It comes with six stereo loop tracks, 200 built-in rhythms, DJ-style effects that include Beat Scatter and Vinyl Flick, plus a smart display for ease of navigation.

Boss RC-600 with nice big display and circular loop indicator

Boss RC-600 with nice big display and circular loop indicator

Control your loops

The bright red pedal unit is pretty large, with an array of footswitches and a large circular loop indicator, to help you control your loops live. You get nine assignable footswitches, with three-pedal modes, as well as support for external controllers. This means you should be able control your loops easily, though there may be some tap dancing involved with all these options!

Boss RC-600

Boss RC-600 with circular loop indicator and nine assignable footswitches


The looper has 99 memories, each of which contains six phrase tracks, with custom effects and playback settings, plus your control assignments. So it appears to be pretty comprehensive. Simply set up your RC-600 in advance and head straight to your favourite settings.

Boss RC-600 with 99 memories

Boss RC-600 comes with 99 memories

Effects & Rhythm

The unit has 49 input effects along with 53 track effects types to play with, which should give you plenty of ways to manipulate your loops. With 200 onboard rhythm patterns and 16 drum kits to choose from, that will synchronise with your loop, this is one powerful performance tool.

Boss RC-600

Boss RC-600


You get a pair of XLR mic inputs with phantom power, two stereo line input pairs, and three stereo assignable line output pairs. You also have two external control jacks, each supporting up to two footswitches or an expression pedal. That ought to be enough options for customising your controllers.

It also has what Boss describes as deep MIDI control, which should allow you to integrate it into more complex setups. There’s also USB for your data backups and phrase import/export with BOSS Tone Studio software, along with pattern import with the RC Rhythm Converter.

The Boss RC-600 is due out in December and I’m looking forward to hearing what people can do with all that power. You can hear the official demo below. For the full specifications in more detail, head over to the product page from the link below.

RRP – USD 599.99

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