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Boss DD-8 and DD-3T pedals

Boss DD-8 and DD-3T pedals  ·  Source: BOSS

Boss has just updated two of its classic digital delay pedals and brought them up to modern standards with new useful features, including additional delay models.

Boss DD-3T

The new DD-3T is a revised version of the classic DD-3. It now has an added tap tempo functionality while the direct output jack has been moved beside the main output jack to make life easier.

The rest of the specification is the same as the standard old DD-3. I’ve had one of those on my board since the day they came out. You get 12.5 to 800 ms of delay and a Hold function when you hold the footswitch down. This gives you 800ms of audio and effectively loops it. That’s why it’s now called Short Loop.

Boss DD-8 and DD-3T

Boss DD-8 and DD-3T


I welcome the addition of the tap tempo function – at last. The price is also reasonable, so it should sell well.  You can hear it in action below in the official Boss demo video.

RRP – EUR 139


Boss DD-8

Following on from where the DD-7 left off, the new Boss DD-8 offers even more delays. It now offersLoop, Analogue, Standard, Tape, Warm, Reverse, +Rv (adds reverb to delayed signal), Shimmer (pitch shifts the delayed signal), Mod (modulation), Warp and GLT.

Boss DD-8 and DD-3T

Boss DD-8 and DD-3T – Both new and improved for 2019

Warp & GLT

Warp mode is activated by holding down the footswitch to create swell as the effect’s level and feedback increase. The GLT mode messes with your delayed signal to give you machine gun-style effects. You can hear them both in the demo video below.

Too much?

Again, I have a DD-7 (currently on loan for the last few years to my brother). It is a great pedal. I just found it a little too busy and has too many modes. So the DD-8 would probably freak me out even more with all those added options. I’m basically a Luddite.

You may well love it, though, if you need stereo inputs and outputs, tap tempo functionality and an onboard looper. Plus it can use an external footswitch to control the tap tempo and looper, or you can plug in an expression pedal. It could be perfect for a cramped pedal board, as it is pretty feature packed.

RRP – USD 159

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