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Boss DD-500 Delay Firmware update v1.10

Boss DD-500 Delay Firmware update v1.10  ·  Source:


The popular Boss DD-500 delay has just got a very welcome version 1.10 firmware update. This free update fixes the issues with global Tap Tempo when using Tap Hold feature. Before the update, the DD-500 would lose the desired tempo when switching across two or more patches.  Boss have also finally added a feature to let you adjust the volume level of your phrase loops.  


Details below taken from Boss site:

Ver.1.10 ]
Additional Functions

  • A TEMPO HOLD function was added.
    This lets you keep the tempo information from being changed when switching patches.
  • A LOOP LEVEL adjustment function was added.
    This makes it possible to adjust the LOOP LEVEL value for phrase loops.

Functionality Improvement

  • A clear operation for phrase loops was added.

Bug Fix
The following bug was fixed.

Executing a bank change with CTL FUNC remaining enabled at “FSW MODE = SIMUL” sometimes results in CTL FUNC failing to stop.

When a patch change is made, the immediately previous delay sound sometimes plays.

If you own the Boss DD-500, head over to their site using the link below and follow the detailed instructions on how to update your pedal. The new updates make the pedal far more useable in a live scenario and fixes the bugs that a lot of players were complaining about. Good to see Boss fixing their mistakes and making this already great delay pedal even better.

Update for Boss DD-500 delay pedal here: firmware update link

Boss DD-500 Delay Firmware update v1.10

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