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Mad Max Fury Road Doof Wagon

Mad Max Fury Road Doof Wagon  ·  Source: Lloyds Auctions Australia

Have you ever wanted to be hung by bungee cords, strapped to a 15-ton PA/military vehicle, with your own 4 Taiko drum rhythm section, whilst wielding a flamethrowing guitar? Well, you’re in luck. The Mad Max Fury Road Doof Wagon is up for auction! 


Mad Max Fury Road Doof Wagon

Lloyds Auctions Australia has the Mad Max Fury Road Doof Wagon up for auction. Yes, you read that right. You can now bid on, and potentially win, the ultimate guitar rig. This is the actual vehicle used in the George Miller film with Tom Hardy and comes from possibly one of the most iconic scenes in the post-nuclear apocalyptic dystopian nightmare epic.

Mad Max Doof Wagon possibly the ultimate guitar rig?

Mad Max Doof Wagon possibly the ultimate guitar rig?

Flame Throwing Guitars!

According to “The Doof Wagon was based on a MAN LKW 15 t mil gl KAT I A1 (8×8). It is a 15-ton class vehicle modified with a wider track of 2,900 mm.” Now I’m no expert on military transportation and hardware, but I’m pretty sure they weren’t fitted as standard with a flamethrowing guitar, a set of 8 drums, and a massive custom PA system!

Apparently, the flamethrower on the guitar is real and functional, and controlled via the whammy bar. So divebomb at your own risk!

According to the official auction page (link below), a number of original Mad Max Fury Road vehicles will be up for a sale on 26 September 2021 at 19:00 Australian time. You could potentially pick up a few and head to your local music festival in style!

Mad Max Vehicle Auction

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