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2HP Cat

2HP Cat  ·  Source: 2HP

For a limited time only, in limited quantities, for only the most discerning of Eurorack fiddlers comes Cat, your voltage controlled source of feline noises.


This is for real, this is Cat Synthesis. Cat can generate sounds of a cat in stunning realism. You thought cats were only good for walking over your modular and sleeping in your patch cable drawer. Now your synthesizer can become a cat. Use the Age control to morph from kitten to Grizabella, put an LFO into the Mood CV input and enjoy the full range of purrs, meows and hisses. And it’s all in glorious 1v/oct tuning so you can drop your catty melodies right in with your other noises.

Available direct from 2HP for $99 with a stunningly different front panel design in their familiar form. It’s probably a Halloween thing – who knows?

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