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Discrete Synthesizers CMS Eurorack System

Discrete Synthesizers CMS Eurorack System  ·  Source: Discrete Synthesizers


We reported back in October about how Discrete Synthesizers were working on recreating the ARP 2500 modular synthesizer in Eurorack form. The latest news is that the modules are now available and quickly selling out.


ARP 2500

They are calling it the CMS Eurorack System but it’s based on the modules from the ARP 2500 modular system. It doesn’t have the massive size or the enormous matrix modulation system that surrounded the original instrument but you do find all the modules represented in serious looking Eurorack form.

  • Module 1004 – The Pearlman Oscillator. Faithfully reproduced with “virtual infinite resolution frequency control, waveform mixer, PWM and 3 CV inputs. $729.
  • Module 1032 – Dual Analog Envelope. One ADSR and one AR envelope with LED sliders. $549.
  • Module 1047 – The Colin Multimode Filter. Unique and complex utilising 3 discrete ARP / Wilson current mirror VCAs to produce it’s distinctive and highly resonant sound. $589.
  • Module 1055 – The Cirocco Triple Modulator. Features balancing, morphing, mixing, panning and seven quadrant multiplying. $629.
  • Module 1066 – The ARP 2500 Ladder Filter. $589.
  • Module 1067 – Current Mirror Voltage Controlled Amplifier. Two attenuated inputs, inverting and non-inverting, that will accept both audio and control voltages for amplitude processing. $499.
  • Module 1070 – Low Noise Precision 6 Channel Audio Mixer. $499.

Obviously you’re going to need at least one of each in order replicate anything approaching the sound of the ARP 2500 but the potential is there for building a truly authentic instrument.

They are taking deposits on any of the modules which are already out of stock.

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Here’s the 1047 filter in action.


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2 responses to “ARP 2500 has arrived in the CMS Eurorack System from Discrete Synthesizers”

  1. This freaking filter is amazing! It can put you in a trance. The very basic of “acid house,” as tired as that may sound!

  2. “Basis.” Not “basic.”

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