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TC Electronic M100 - front

TC Electronic M100 - front  ·  Source:

TC Electronic M100 - rear

TC Electronic M100 - rear  ·  Source:

TC Electronic was once a brand that stood for top studio reverbs, with several renowned products in higher price categories far beyond the means of the bedroom producer. Now TC has stuffed an aluminium box with a bunch of its algorithms and called it the M100, which is being priced attractively for the budget market. 

Aimed at budding DJs and producers, or folks looking for a simplified, yet capable effects unit, the M100 appears to be an answer to Behringer’s FEX800. The format is literally the same – a little box with rotary dials to control a bunch of classic bread ‘n’ butter effects (reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, rotary speaker, pitch shifter) and access a few ready-made combinations (delay or chorus plus reverb). The similarity isn’t random – Music Group, Behringer’s parent company, acquired TC Electronic in August 2015. Thus, some sharing of concepts and technology is bound to occur.

Predictably for TC Electronic, the maker of coveted and luxury-priced M-series hardware reverbs, the focus in this unit is on reverbation. It features simulated cathedral, concert, club, chamber, gold plate, gated reverb, reverse reverb, and ambience. At a glance, there’s only a single parameter to tweak for each effect – Min/Max, or simply how much you want from it mixed in your audio. However, the Tap/Select system lets you control a wider range of parameters with the Min/Max knob. The other buttons beside the effects switcher control the input and output volume levels, as well as wet/dry balance. Overall, the unit seems intuitive enough.

The M100 is powered by a 12V adapter (no USB power, which is surprising for 2017) and has a footswitch input (for switching the effects on and off) on the back, alongside two pairs of L/R mono inputs (both balanced & unbalanced) and outputs (balanced). It’s a panel you can figure out in seconds, even with a minimum of technological expertise.

The M100 costs around 119 EUR / 105 GBP / 133 USD and is going to ship mid-August. More information is available on TC Electronic’s website.

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