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TC Electronic TwentyFour reverb

The TC Electronic TwentyFour reverb is made for projects of upwards of 24 audio channels.  ·  Source:


A new hardware unit by a revered brand like TC Electronic is always music to seasoned audio producers’ ears, so the freshly announced Reverb TwentyFour ought to be of interest to those of you working with high channel numbers. The rack unit is almost feature-less on the front, save for a bunch of LED indicators.


Beyond the clean-cut surface, though, lies TC’s Reverb 8 algorithm and System 6000 studio technology, spread across up to 24 channels of audio processing. Each channel is independent, making the unit suitable for the purposes of installations or working on multi-channel audio projects like Dolby Atmos films. Multiple units can be linked together for a virtually unlimited number of reverb channels.

TC Electronic ICON software

The TC Electronic ICON software allows for controlling the reverb’s parameters.

Up to 64 MADI channels of input and output can be flexibly routed within the unit. Additionally, TwentyFour allows for seamless external downmix to 22, 11, 7, or 5 channels without phasing artefacts or altering mix balance. The unit can utilize up to three different reverbs at the same time for maximum flexibility. Control is accomplished either via TC’s ICON control surface (optional), or through the included ICON software for PC and Mac. It provides access to all the reverb’s parameters, not unlike a regular reverb plug-in.

Of note is the Power Correction feature, made to guard your balance setting between direct sound and reverb while you are making mix changes. This way, you can safely experiment with extreme decay time and any whimsical ideas without ruining the balance of your mix.

Overall, the TwentyFour seems like a great choice for anyone busy delivering quality across an extreme number of channels in formats like Dolby Atmos, Barco Auro and NHK. Make no mistake, this is a professional audio unit with a price tag of 14,999 USD. So not an item high on your Christmas list for your future trap mixtape, unless you rake in millions working for Kanye. The unit will be available July 1. More information here.


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