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TC Electronic Plethora X5

TC Electronic Plethora X5  ·  Source: TC Electronic/Youtube

TC Electronic Plethora X5 - TonePrint, the way you want it?  ·  Source: TC Electronic


Update: Preorders have just opened on Thomann – click on the link below for more.


TC Electronic has just launched a new multi-fx pedalboard! The Plethora X5 includes the Flashback Delay, Hall of Fame Reverb, Corona Chorus, Vortex Flanger and a whole lot more – every single one of its TonePrint effects, in fact – all packed into one compact digital pedalboard. That’s a lot FX in one unit. And it brings in all that clever TonePrint tech, wireless connections and whatnot that have helped make the TonePrint series a big seller.

TC Electronic Plethora X5

Due out later this year, the new Plethora X5 includes all of TC’s TonePrint effect pedal algorithms to date. But TC wants to make all those FX useful to you. So they’ve built the Plethora to let you organize these as “virtual” boards in any combination or order. Up to 127 of these virtual boards are available.

You can also program 75 different TonePrints for each of these effects. Five of these are then available for control using the touch-sensitive MASH Expression that utilises the footswitch, giving you control for many parameters by using your foot.

TC Electronic Plethora X5

TC Electronic Plethora X5

TonePrint App

The system uses TC’s TonePrint App to let you edit and adjust the individual effects to taste. The TonePrint world also has lots of artist signature tones ready for download and use as well. And it’s all accomplished wirelessly via Bluetooth to your smartphone or iPad.

You can easily integrate the Plethora X5 into your existing rig via the FX Loop or set it up using the four cable method. TC is clear that it doesn’t see you chucking out your entire rig to replace it with the Plethora. Instead, they see its value as an add-on to your existing gear that integrates with the best parts of your amp and effects setup. But you could use this as a compact all-in-one touring solution thanks to the built-in cab sim to go straight to a front of house desk or your DAW for recording.

The Plethora seems to pack a lot of sounds and useful functionality into one box. Its price of USD 399 puts it into the category of the Hotone Ampero, Mooer’s GE250 as well as Line 6’s Helix Effects and HX Stomp. I’m not sure if it’s going seriously impact sales of the HX Stomp, though. But I’m looking forward to hearing the first reviews.

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5 responses to “TC Electronic Plethora X5 multi-FX board: Preorders open on Thomann”

    eat yr Ghost says:

    This looks decent. I upgraded to a Headrush Gigboard last year, but my band mate would likely get a lot of mileage out of this.

    pfrf says:

    I like this form factor but I want an analog dry signal path.

    Cort says:

    No overdrive, no distortion, no sale.
    If I’m spending over £400 I want it to do everything. I don’t buy their argument. Provide your customers with options. It’s not as if you have to use everything that’s provided (I’m willing to bet at least 95% of owners will never use the flanger, for example), so those with separate pedals could just ignore on-board options. But you are telling buyers that they *have* to own separate pedals to get drive or distortion – the most-used categories of effects – whether they want to or not.
    So close TC, so close.

      John D. says:

      Digital drives sound like garbage. That’s why TC doesn’t make any. They just don’t want to add useless filler that ultimately detracts from the appeal and value of the device.

    Jason McDonald says:

    is the dark matter distortion in the plethora x5

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