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Synth Art Vol 1

Synth Art Vol 1  ·  Source: Ste Holmes

Over the summer Sheffield artist Ste Holmes created some stunning illustrations of famous, classic and new synthesizers. He’s collected them into a coffee table book and released Synth Art Vol 1 on Kickstarter. There are only a few hours to go and he’s still some way off the modest goal of £3500 in order to get the book printed. 

Synth Art Vol 1

The high-quality hardback book includes 37 illustrations of classic synthesizer gear. There’s a close up on a Moog modular and a lingering overhead image of the Buchla Easel. Roland drum machines get a lot of love. More recent synths such as the Korg Volca FM, a Bass Station II, Erebus, Arturia and Elektron also get the treatment. The style is playful, familiar, minimal and yet devoted. There’s a texture, a graininess that comes across that somehow represents the reality of these sound-making boxes.

The printed book will cost £34, be signed by the artist and delivered before Christmas. There are some other pledges to get postcards, desktop wallpaper or E-book versions. Or for the adventurous, you can snag yourself the opportunity to have you and your favourite piece of gear immortalised in the book by Ste. That will set you back the best part of grand but it will be a unique experience and you’ll get a couple of copies of the book to go along with it.

Synth Art Vol 1 is a wonderful piece of work and every lover of synthesizers should have a copy on their coffee table. Or if you know someone who’s into synths then this would make for a very appreciated Christmas present.

It’s all over by about tea time today so get in there now!

More information:

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