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Sim and Syl Deluxe

Sim and Syl Deluxe  ·  Source: Infected Sounds

Sim Deluxe

Sim Deluxe  ·  Source: Infected Sounds

Syl Deluxe

Syl Deluxe  ·  Source: Infected Sounds


With 100s of waveforms, hot presets, easy modulations and a fat effects engine you can’t go far wrong with Syl Deluxe and Sim Deluxe if you can tell them apart.


Infected Sounds

I think I’ve got it now. Fresh into 2022 I’ve worked out what these synths from Infected Sounds are all about. While each synth is certainly different, with different combinations of oscillators, modulators and effects, they are like different sound packs for the whole Infected Sounds synth project. So, rather than have one big synth with sound packs, it releases each bunch of sounds as a synth of its own which gives it the added ability to tweak and evolve them with its own (slightly) individual interface. If you’re into this sort of EDM sound then Infected Sounds has a wealth of very well-priced synths to get your teeth into.

Syl and Sim Deluxe

These two don’t really differ a whole lot, in fact, the demo videos use the same riff and you wouldn’t really be able to tell them apart. The only difference I can find is that the Syl has 3 oscillators as opposed to 2 oscillators on the Sim… or is it the other way around? Doesn’t really matter, but what you do get is a little synth packed full of over 250 waveforms, hundreds of presets, unison modes, multiple filter types, 9 LFOs, 3 envelopes, FM and Ring Modulation and a powerful effects engine with 9 FX modules. It’s a lot of great stuff for a synth that costs less than 20 Euros.


You can download demos of both to try them out and see if either or both of them floats your boat.

I still get confused by the whole Rewired Records thing, but apparently it’s a collaboration and these synths appear under each others brand.


Sim and Syl Deluxe

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    Klaus Jürgens says:

    zZz zZz zZz more of these Synth Edit programmed synths with ugly GUI’s and without mac support.

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