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Superbooth 2020

Superbooth 2020  ·  Source: Superbooth


With many large events around the world cancelling or postponing in light of the alarming spread of Coronavirus my thoughts have turned to Superbooth. They’ve just made a statement to say that until Berlin is declared unsafe then they are good to go.


Superbooth 2020

It’s 8 weeks to Superbooth and people are starting to ask questions about the safety of such events. Superbooth says that they’d rather rely on facts than speculation. They absolutely don’t want to be careless but they also don’t want to contribute to the rising panic being spread by sensational reporting.

We are observing the development, but can not say how the situation will change in the coming weeks. If we have the impression that we should act in any way, we will do so. By now we can only say, the situation in Berlin is safe and we do not want to be part ofany speculations.

As long as there is no official ban by the authorities, we have decided to keep on working on the finalization of this year’s Superbooth.

That’s good news…. I think. Difficult to say at the moment whether this will continue to be a good idea. I am planning to go to Superbooth myself for a day along with two of my children and so it’s something I will be watching very closely. I recently heard that Musikmesse in Frankfurt is postponing the Light + Building show until September. Food for thought. But I am loving their optimism and level headedness.

What are your plans for Superbooth? Still up for it? Will there be Superbooth branded face masks and hand gel? I think we should all get complimentary HAZMAT suits.

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  • Full statement here.

2 responses to “Superbooth makes a statement on the Coronavirus – Relax and make music!”

  1. Anders says:

    Maybe it will like whats happening in Singapore, some events still running then only a forth of the audience show up and therefore a great time to go to an event!

  2. Janne says:

    Just avoid diseased bat soup.

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