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At the Superbooth 2022 showfloow, Bonedo’s Felix Klosterman spotted a new RME prototype unit. The ADI-2/4 PRO SE DAC and interface already looks like it makes a sound and is bound to hit the market soon.



At the RME stand at Superbooth 2022, a prototype version of the new RME ADI-2/4 PRO SE is hidden in plain sight. This kind of unit can work as a traditional audio interface, but it’s particularly suitable for headphone listening and audio archiving. It offers a hearty 3.6 watts of power for headphones and a Pentacon socket for balanced headphones. Also of note: both main outputs (XLR and jack) can be used in parallel, and in-ears can also be connected to all outputs.

The front panel is home to a color display and physical controls along with inputs PH 1/2 and PH 3/4. The rear has DC-in, USB 2.0, Trig Out, ADAT, S/PDIF, AES-3, L/R outputs (XLR/jack), and dual analog inputs (XLR/line). It’s a given that the unit benefits from RME’s SteadyClock tech, DSP processing, and is capable of sample rates as high as 768kHz. DSD recording and playback should also be supported.

RME’s DSP stuff is particularly impressive. The new DAC/interface will likely include the 5-band parametric EQ, binaural crossfeed, adjustable loudness filter, selectable AD/DA filters, four discrete I/O reference levels, auto settings (reference level, phones mode), and more. The hi-res IPS display is home to RME’s 30-band Spectral Analyzer, a bi-quad filtered analysis tool designed with the screen in mind.

Price and availability data

We don’t know anything else about the unit at this point, but it does look formidable! A better idea of the hardware’s eventual capabilities can be obtained from the product page of its predecessor. As for the price tag, the current version costs a little over EUR 1600. That’s reasonable given the unit’s highly specialized nature.

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