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Tangible Waves modules

Tangible Waves modules  ·  Source: Tangible Waves


After introducing the new education systems Tangible Waves had a Heartbeat module, DSP multifunctional module and some snazzy new black faceplates.



The Heartbeat is designed to be the master clock in your AE Modular system. It has a high-resolution BPM setting that can be dialled in as a tempo and it has 6 outputs. Each output can be configured as a clock division down to 1/32 with dotted notes and triplets. Heartbeat can be driven by its own internal clock or can use an external one.

The Heartbeat Expander makes things a bit more versatile with MIDI in and out ports, preset buttons to quickly swap between saved clock rates and a Swing knob for setting a groove and for controlling how to clock moves between presets.


This is a programmable multi-function module for sound generation and processing. The current firmware comes with 50 plugins which include a variety of sound generators, filters and effects-driven through a little screen. The module has two trigger inputs and two CV inputs and knobs for editing two parameters in each plugin. You can use a desktop computer to access and edit the plugins over USB.


Algorithms include three based upon the Mutable Instruments Braids, Plaits and Clouds. There’s a full synth-voice called Bjorklund, a Phase Distortion synth called Formantor, a plucked string synth called Karpuski, a West Coast-inspired Subbotnik synth and a wavetable machine. There’s also a sample player that can handle up to 60 seconds of samples.

That’s a lot of stuff packed into a small module.

Bother these modules should be available in a few weeks.

Black faceplates

If you’re interested in the versatility and affordability of AE Modular but can’t quite get past the look then don’t worry black faceplates are on the way. They’ll be available as an option for a few more Euros. Also available soon.

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Tangible Waves modules

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