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Korg Volca Nubass

Korg Volca Nubass  ·  Source: Korg

The leak turned out to be true and regardless of how many people thought Nub-Ass was funny the Volca Nubass Vacuum Tube synthesizer is a fabulous looking reality.

Volca Nubass

This Volca is the first synthesizer to come equipped with Korg’s Nutube vacuum tube technology. It’s built into the oscillator and is designed to bring warmth and saturation to fatten up this bassline synth. But that’s not all, they’ve also built in overdrive and distortion – this is going to be one warm bass.

So what does it sound like? Awesome! This intro video has me seeing this as Korg’s TB-303.

There are actually two tubes in this machine. One in the oscillator circuit and one providing saturation to the sub-oscillator. They then run into a classic ladder low pass filter and onto a stomp-box style analogue distortion. This is all good and solid analogue bass synth stuff.

The sequencer has 16 steps with realtime or step recording. You can store 16 patterns and chain them or swap between them on the fly. You can record knob movements and skip notes, put in slides and accents for a bit of spice complete with randomisation. You can also transpose your sequences up or down a couple of octaves.

If we’ve been waiting for a “Nu” take on that classic acid bass sound then this is probably it. It also comes with an alarmingly good bundle of software – nice. Priced $199 and available in August.

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