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U-He CVilization

U-He CVilization  ·  Source: Sonicstate youtube


After a small tease last week we now have the full story behind the U-He CVilization Eurorack module. It’s a prototype, it’s incomplete but parts of it are working. Urs Heckman called it a polymorphic CV mangling tool – let’s go with that!



I guess it’s an impressive thing to call a utility module, and why not. CVilization manipulates CV sources through a matrix of four DC-coupled audio inputs, two CV inputs and four outputs. Control is given by two columns of 4 colourful knobs.

The first mode of CVilization is a 4 x 4 matrix mixer. This allows you to route any combination of inputs to any combination of outputs. All ins and outs come with mute switches. The first column of knobs deals with the inputs and the second with the outputs. This module is digital and contains lots of jiggery-pokery and so you can set up the routing by pressing down on a knob and then turning the other knobs on or off depending on what you are trying to route. This is where the colours come in – showing how the signal is routed.

Also built into this mode is a quantizer where various scales can be selected via the colour of the knobs. This allows you to apply quantization onto CV signals routing through the matrix. This means you can have different scales for different outputs which is very interesting. There’s also talk of sample-and-hold and glide times and other bits of CV processing.


At the moment that’s as far as they’ve got but Urs is brimming with ideas that he wants to implement into this machine. The second mode should be a 4×4 sequential switch,  the third a dual ADSR envelope and the fourth will be 4 pairs of AD envelopes or S&H.

The interface is really simple and interesting, the use of colour quite brilliant. It has USB and an SD card slot for the software and should be able to handle presets. It’s going to be very interesting to see what this ends up becoming. The video below gives some insight into what’s going on.

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U-He CVilization

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