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Elektrofon Klang

Elektrofon Klang  ·  Source: gearnews


The Klang from Elektrofon is quite possibly the most interesting-looking module at Superbooth this year. It simply doesn’t look like anything else I’ve ever seen. The compass or watch style display in the middle is just lovely and it perfectly shows you what’s going on. Klang is a chord generator and the display is showing you the four notes – fabulous.



This is the first and only module from Norwegian developers Elektrofon. It has 4 outputs connected to 4 knobs that dial in the 4 notes of the chord you want to generate. As you turn the hands on the display show you your selection. It can store up to 99 chords in the internal memory and chain them up into chord progressions. There are no menus, you can dial in a saved chord and it becomes live. All edits are instantly saved.

Trigger inputs make it go to the next or previous chord and the transpose CV input… erm.. transposes.

It’s just so great and so simple and will look strangely and beautifully out of place in anyone’s black and silver rack. But that’s good, Eurorack needs a bit of push towards some more creative and colourful designs.

Elektronfon say is should be available soon and they hope to get it under €300. It will also become Open Source once they’ve covered their costs.

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