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Elektrofon Klang

Elektrofon Klang  ·  Source: Elektrofon


We first saw the striking looking Elektrofon Klang at Superbooth 2018. It took a year of solid development and production tweaking to get it ready for release but now it’s here and could be looking beautiful and generating chords in your rack.


Elektrofon Klang

Klang is a 4-voice polyphonic CV generator. It stores and sends out chords dialled in with the controls on the front. Very much like a clock face, you have 4 coloured “hands” that point to the 12 notes that encircle it. The four encoders each control one of the voices. The OLED display shows the chords in realtime and the number on the hand indicates the octave. The numbers at the bottom show which chord is active and the number of chords in the progression.

The idea is that you stack up a number of chords and use CV to move between them. A middle encoder lets you browse between chords and also lets you switch on tuning mode to help you tune your oscillators. Because when you’re talking about chords in Eurorack you’re talking about using multiple oscillators together.


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Pre-production has started. Just updated the web page with some more info!

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CV control comes in the form of a trigger/gate input that progresses the chords on the next positive signal. A second CV input controls the direction of the progression and another acts as a transpose. You then simply have your 4 outputs at the bottom that you’d send to the 1v/oct input on your 4 oscillators.

It’s not a complicated module but it elegantly brings polyphonic voicing and chord structures into the often profoundly monophonic space of Eurorack. It’s not only brilliantly useful but also stunning to look at.

Elektrofon Klang is available through a selection of modular shops internationally and the first batch has gone out and sold out. Klang’s developer Rune says he hasn’t had time to update the website because he’s too busy making more Klangs! Batch 2 will be coming along very soon so it would be wise to get a preorder in. Sign up on the website to be notified of exactly which shops will be stocking them. The price is €319 ex VAT.

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