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Pete Fowler Atmegatron

Pete Fowler Atmegatron  ·  Source: Soulsby

Pete Fowler Atmegatron overlays

Pete Fowler Atmegatron overlays  ·  Source: Soulsby

Pete Fowler Atmegatron

Pete Fowler Atmegatron  ·  Source: Soulsby

Soulsby have released a very limited edition Atmegatron synthesizer bundle with artwork and signature by artist Pete Fowler who, amongst other things, designed the album covers for Super Furry Animals. 

Pete Fowler Atmegatron

The Atmegatron is Soulsby’s hackable 8-bit desktop synthesizer. It comes with a huge bunch of waveforms and filters and uses wavetable PWM synthesis to generate a chiptune’s wet dream of bleeps and noises. But the standard Atmegatron is just one of 7 flavours. With the programmer kit you can upload completely different software for a completely different experience. There’s Strings with 4 voices, the Odytron analogue modelling synth, Atcyclotron wavetable cycler, Atmegadrum 16 part drum machine, Delayertron sci-fi delay and Duotron dual oscillator Atmegatron.

The Pete Fowler Atmegatron comes with all 7 uniquely designed overlays and the cable to transform the Atmegatron into the any of the synthesizer machines.

With a lot of focus on the Soulsby Eurorack developments, it’s good to see the Atmegatron getting some love. It’s a truly unique and power little box of noises.

There are only 30 of these limited edition Pete Fowler Atmegatron’s so you need to get in while you can. It’s £235 including VAT. More information on the Soulsby website.

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