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Massive Unity Dirty Boy Summer NAMM 2018

Massive Unity has unveiled its new Dirty Boy preamp during Summer NAMM 2018  ·  Source: Massive Unity

Designed by Danny Gomez, the brains behind the recent OMEC Teleport and Carlo Sorasio, the new Massive Unity Dirty Boy preamp is based on Gomez’ T.A.E. modelling technology to help recreate the sound of real tube drive.


Massive Unity Dirty Boy preamp

Designed with Massive Unity, Danny Gomez’ latest effort is the Dirty Boy preamp pedal. It uses his proprietary T.A.E. technology to emulate an amplifier designed by Alex Saraceno and used by his son, legendary ‘plaid-loving’ session guitarist Blues Saraceno.

Now for a look at the features. With simple controls labelled Gain, Volume, Tone and one for the foot-switchable Boost, it looks easy enough to use. You just want to grab a hold of that big knob in the centre labelled ‘Percentage Of Maximum Output Voltage’ and see what happens! The Dirty Boy also incorporates a True Coil Transformer made by LAA Custom.

Massive Unity DIRTY BOY Preamp pedal

Massive Unity DIRTY BOY Preamp pedal

External Control

The Dirty Boy pedal needs a 9V external AC-DC adaptor to power it. It will run best in your amp’s FX loop, where it can replace your amplifier’s own preamp section. It also has an output with a speaker emulation based around a closed-back 4 x 12 loaded with Greenback speakers, as well as a handy remote jack input for controlling it externally.

You could also just use it as a booster/overdrive pedal in front of your amp as well, so this could be a lot of fun. Can’t wait to hear some audio demos now!

RRP – EUR 299

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