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The Submarine Pro Pickup System

The Submarine Pro Pickup System  ·  Source: Submarine Pro/Crowdfunder

The Submarine Pro has just been announced via a crowdfunding site and it looks like it could be a lot of fun by adding a new dimensions to any six string guitar without damaging or having to modify your favourite instrument. Sound too good to be true? Let’s hope not…

Submarine Pro

The new Submarine Pro is essentially an extra pickup that you add to your guitar. What makes it special is that has six individual pickups, one for each string instead of one for all of them. This means that it can output your guitar’s strings to individual outputs.

No soldering or routing of your guitar is required, you just slip the Submarine Pro under the strings of your electric or acoustic guitar and you are done. You can then send the different signals wherever you like! That’s the idea, anyway…

Submarine Pro pickup system

Submarine Pro pickup system

Split personality

Submarine Pro has six individual coils and a set of switches that allow you to route these signals to two separate outputs. The stereo output means you can send your E and A strings to one effects chain and D,G,B and E strings to another or any other combination of your choice.

I love the idea, the simplicity and the overall design of the Submarine Pro. I think it could be an amazing tool for getting creative. I’d be well up for trying one out in a recording studio and could easily see myself losing hours of the day getting creative with this pickup system.

Head on over to Crowdfunder for more details, and be sure to watch the video for some great examples of this device being used to make some cool split tones on acoustic and electric guitars. This is the second pickup from the company and follows on from where the original Submarine pickup left off. The first version had the ability to make one guitar sound like two by adding a pickup to the E and A or B and E strings only. The new Submarine Pro goes way deeper than that and so I reckon it could be a winner.

RRP – GBP 99 limited introductory pricing at 50% off 

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