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Strymon Compadre

Strymon Compadre  ·  Source: Strymon

Strymon has announced the Compadre pedal! After a weekend teaser campaign via the company’s Facebook page, it turns out the new pedal is actually a Dual Voice VCA Compressor and Boost. Let’s dive in.

Strymon Compadre revealed at last

Strymon had initially released a blurry image of the new effect on 27 April, with a final reveal live on Facebook later in the evening. After recently discontinuing the Strymon OB.1 compressor, which was the company’s first ever pedal release, the new Compadre is a welcome addition to the range and fills the hole left by the original OB.1.

Two in one

The Boost and Compression can be used either together or independently from one another. You get a signal path that is fully analogue, but with digital controllers. This gives it the ability to store and recall presets using MultiSwitch Plus or MIDI. The unit is designed as an ‘always on’ effect.

Strymon Compadre

Strymon Compadre with the optional MULTI switch

The Compadre uses a Class A JFET input circuit and is a VCA-based compressor. The Clean Boost and the diode soft-clipping Dirty Boost options give you some extra ways of juicing your signal too, which is a welcome addition compared to the previous OB.1 compressor. There’s also a handy 3-band EQ section, so you can tweak your tone.

Parallel Compression and more

You can also use a TRS expression pedal to get a premium VCA-based volume pedal in your setup. Plus, you can blend in your dry signal and also do parallel compression too. Just use the Dry knob to add the desired amount of dry signal back into your tone, in parallel with your compressed signal.  You get to keep your playing dynamics, but compress the signal at the same time, which is something I really like and use often in the studio.

This should be a popular pedal for guitarists looking for control over their tone. Compressors can be great when used properly on a pedalboard setup.

RRP –  USD 299

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